Advanced Oral Care Rewards Program

Our office offers an “Orthodontic Oral Care Program.” 

With the “Orthodontic Oral Care Program,” you receive one-on-one instruction and clear recommendations about what can be done to improve your oral health while under active orthodontic treatment. As well, we will assess your oral hygiene and provide a score at every appointment. Our scoring system is based on a simple five-level oral hygiene rating system that lets you know how you are doing at each visit: 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 (Poor, Needs Improvement, Fair, Good, or Excellent).

If you receive a couple of “Poor,” “Needs Improvement,” or several “Fair” scores, we'll schedule you into the “Advanced Oral Care Instruction part of our program for further hygiene training with our hygiene coordinator. Diet review and nutrition counseling will also be implemented to identify foods/drinks that put your dental health at risk. We will advise you of our concerns and how we intend to help you get back on track. Our goal is to help our patients to have beautiful, healthy-looking smiles for a lifetime.

We are very excited to see the ultimate results from this new program and to share your success in stepping up your oral hygiene to the next level!

As always, please feel welcome to contact the office if you would like to have any further information about the “Orthodontic Oral Care Program” 

Download the Dental Rewards Voucher

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