At Ocean’s Edge Orthodontics, you won’t find us acquiring technology for technology’s sake. We choose our technology carefully because our primary goal is to provide the best experience possible for our patients. When we prepare to adopt new technology, we have one main question: Will this improve the lives of our patients?

At Ocean’s Edge Orthodontics, technology is an important tool, but it doesn’t substitute the welcoming community you will find once you step through our doors.

A Modern Approach

At Ocean’s Edge, we embrace technology and provide a modern approach to improving your smile. Our technology enhances your experience, but the in-person, compassionate approach always comes first. We invest in technology that is as much high-touch as it is high-tech because the interaction makes for a better experience for the patient. Our 3D digital scanners provide precise images of your mouth, and our software allows us to create a treatment plan that lets you see the final result before you even start treatment. 

Dr. Murdoch saw that, with the emergence of new technology, there was a better way to do orthodontic treatment — one that would get patients to their end goals faster and more efficiently.

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Dental Monitoring

Our technology enhancements aren’t limited to what you see in our offices. We also utilize technology such as your smartphone. We use a high-tech system called Dental Monitoring to keep track of your progress from the comforts of your own home. The ScanBox Pro and DentalMonitoring app are used with your iPhone or Android device to scan and image your teeth while you’re at home. You can use the app to send the images to your Dental Monitoring coach, who will examine the images and recommend any changes, such as areas that may need more brushing. This technology, together with our amazing team, is another way we work hard to ensure your treatment success.

Technology to Benefit You

Our technology isn’t limited to 3D scanners and Dental Monitoring. We also use technology that helps you get into our Nanaimo, BC, or Parksville, BC, office faster, safer, and more efficiently. Once you arrive at our office, you can check in using our Virtual Check-In from the comfort of your car. This cuts your wait time in our lobby and improves your safety.

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