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Our desire is to connect patients to innovative orthodontic care and great experiences

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We want to be a part of your story.

Our goal is to build a happier, healthier community.

At Ocean’s Edge Orthodontic, we believe that truly serving the community begins with community investment. That’s why we support our community of patients and welcome you into our family. For us, it’s so much more than straight teeth – it’s about always moving forward and inviting our patients to be a part of that progress.

We’re happy when our community is happy. We’re happy when you are happy.

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    Specialized Orthodontic Care By Focusing On Growth

    We’re proud to play a small role in your story and work together to find your perfect smile!

    Advanced Technology

    We don’t use technology for technology’s sake.

    We innovate to enhance your smile and make your life a little bit better.

    Incredible Experiences

    We create the conditions for oral health and wellness.

    Experiences matter because you matter – our goal is to enhance your in-office experience.

    Building A Community

    We’re happy when our community is happy.

    We want to play our part in building a happier, healthier community. Let’s build together!

    At Ocean’s Edge Orthodontics Seeing You Happy In Braces or Invisalign Makes Us Smile!

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    Our Philosophy Of Orthodontic Care.

    We’re always moving forward in our efforts to serve you.

    At Ocean’s Edge Orthodontics, we do everything for a reason. Patient’s come to us because they need personal care that puts them at the center of everything.

    • We believe in always moving forward. Innovation can drive happiness, even in orthodontic care!
    • We believe in strong communities. Oral wellness solutions are part of the community experience.
    • We believe in amazing experiences. We’re in the pursuit of happiness business – not just the straight teeth business.

    Our goal is that, through your time with us, you’ll find more than just the smile you’ve always wanted – but you’ll also grow in self-confidence, happiness, and set yourself up for a lifetime of wellness.

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    Getting Started with Braces and Invisalign

    What to expect at Ocean’s Edge Orthodontics in BC.

    At Ocean’s Edge Orthodontics in Nanaimo and Parksville, BC, Dr. F. Edward Murdoch and our team love creating beautiful, confident smiles. We focus on your unique situation and develop a treatment approach that’s right for your needs. Dr. Murdoch uses current technology, including bracesInvisalign® aligners, and iTero® digital impressions. This ensures the most comfortable treatment experience and the most incredible, lasting smile for you.

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    Dental Monitoring

    Monitoring Your Progress From Home

    Dental Monitoring is a service, and a device, that we are proud to offer. Dental monitoring allows you to continue treatment, and have the doctor check your progress, from the comfort of your own home! Just another way to save you time and make you smile!

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    An orthodontic office where your happiness is our priority.

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    Meet Doctor Murdoch – Your Orthodontist!

    Community is at the center of Dr. Murdoch’s work. He believes everyone should have a safe place to belong, and he strives to create that place for his patients and coworkers.

    When you join the community at Ocean’s Edge Orthodontics, you won’t just get straighter teeth. You’ll experience Dr. Murdoch’s growth-oriented, community-first approach to everything he does. It’s an inspiring approach, one sure to bring the best out of your smile.

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