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Lilian M.

Adult AcceleDent® Patient

“I started my treatment in July of 2013 and started the AcceleDent about three months later. I am thrilled and exceptionally pleased with the results so far. It clearly is accelerating the process and progress of my teeth, as well as I experience virtually no soreness or discomfort. My first wire change after starting AcceleDent was a non-event — didn’t experience a fraction of the tenderness or soreness that I did previously with the two wire changes (which lasted for days). Super easy to use and incorporate it into your daily routine — I use it right before going to bed — the micro vibration is actually quite soothing and has a calming effect. I’m very appreciative that Dr. Murdoch presented this to me as an option. I would highly recommend AcceleDent, particularly if you have a low pain threshold, or very motivated to reduce the treatment length.”

Leila O.

(5 Stars) My Expander Experience

“When I first heard I needed an expander, I was a little nervous, because I didn’t know what it was. The good thing is that Dr. Murdoch explained it all for me. When they first took the moulding for the fitting, it tasted WEIRD. I didn’t like the taste at all. At first, the expander felt weird when I had to twist it. To remember when to twist it, my dad made a chart for me. I had to twist it for about three weeks. After that, I didn’t have to twist it. I am now about two weeks away from getting the second stage. So far my experience has been good!”

Dean R.

(5 Stars) Consultation

“Everything was to a very high standard. We were very impressed. Even the patient changed his mind and now would like to go ahead with what the doctor recommends.”

Dana L.

(5 Stars) Thanks for the new smile

“Dear all, thank you so much for the treatment, support, and professional work that you have all given my daughter. She has a new smile that she doesn’t have to hide anymore and has become a more confident young lady as a result. I appreciate all the time and effort that you have taken to ensure that she has felt comfortable at all times during her times with you and the fact that you talk to her, not just me, about how her treatment has been going. You have encouraged her all the way and she is proud that you are pleased with how hard she has worked to keep her teeth in a good condition.”

Ray J.

(5 starts) A Very Satisfied Adult Patient

“I am very pleased with the outstanding quality of service I received from Dr. Murdoch and his entire staff. I was especially impressed by how clearly my condition and the recommended treatment was explained to me at the outset. Dr. Murdoch and his team consistently provided me with thorough and thoughtful answers to my questions for the duration of my treatment.”

Tara C.

(5 stars) Adult in braces

“After many years of not loving my smile I decided to get my teeth fixed. Dr. Murdoch and his staff were more than willing to help me out. I am just about finished with my treatment and very excited to see my new smile. I would recommend any adult that is considering fixing their smile to check out Dr. Murdoch and his EXCELLENT staff. They are very professional and personal. I’m looking forward to my perfect smile.”

Laura N.

(5 stars) Congeniality

“I found all the staff, including Dr. Murdoch, very congenial and friendly. Thank you!”


(5 stars) Great Team

“A great team of people. My daughter was comfortable and the staff all had great attitudes and all had a great sense of humor. Fantastic facility!”

— Tara K.

(5 stars) Awesome

“Dr. Murdoch was great! He was very interactive with my son explaining in great detail all of the information to both my son and myself, and he made sure that we were both clear and understood everything. I’m just so impressed with all of the staff and office in general!!! Thank you for all being so kind and informative at my son’s appointment. I look forward to our future appointments.”

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