Patient Handouts

  • New Patient Medical History Form [PDF] [DOC]
  • All about my Headgear [PDF] | [DOC]
  • All about my Lip Bumper [PDF] | [DOC]
  • Bonded Retainer [PDF] | [DOC]
  • Hawley Retainer [PDF] | [DOC]
  • Guidelines for eating with braces [PDF] | [DOC]
  • Gingival Surgery – an Aid to Retention [PDF] | [DOC]
  • Bruxing Guards [DOC]
  • Congratulations – unsupervised retention [DOC]
  • Orthodontic Emergencies – Troubleshooting [PDF] | [DOC]
  • Essix Retainer instructions [DOC]
  • Exercises for Tongue and Open-Bite Patients [DOC]
  • Mixed Dentition Retainers [PDF] | [DOC]
  • Patient Performance Protocols for Young and Adolescent Patients [DOC]
  • Positioner Instructions [DOC]
  • Rapid palatal expander [DOC]
  • Retention protocol with a missing front tooth [PDF] | [DOC]
  • Take Care of Your Separators [PDF] | [DOC]
  • What are elastics [DOC]

If you’re unable to open PDF files, you can get Adobe Reader® for free.

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